mardi 18 septembre 2012

Captain EO back this October at Disneyland Paris Discoveryland at selected dates

Good news for Michael Jackson fans as Captain EO will be back at Disneyland Paris Discoveryland at selected dates, starting October 1st.
The attraction will be open every day except from Oct 3 to Oct 5, from Oct 10 to Oct 12, from Oct 17 to Oct 19 and from Oct 24 to Oct 26.
Which means that it will be closed three days each week. Captain EO which was closed permanently earlier this year will also be open
in November. Chances are that these four days a week only opening will last until the park has found something else to replace Captain EO,
may be the Star Wars Land project that we talked about some months ago...

Anyway, this Captain EO is a good opportunity to re-post this great video interview of WDI Imagineer Rick Rothschild who was part
of the team who designed the original concept. In the video Rick was of course talking about the return of the attraction at Discoveryland
but also reveals that other concepts were first envisioned for a Michael Jackson attraction, back 20 years ago!

Picture: copyright Disney - Lucas Film

Videos: copyright Disney and more

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