mardi 21 août 2012

Universal Studios Singapore : Madagascar, A Crate Adventure Full Ride HD Video

I've got a great video for you today of a big Universal Studios ride which exist ONLY at Universal Studios Singapore! Madagascar, A Crate Adventure was among the E-Ticket rides of Universal Studios Singapore supposed to open on USS opening day, and then some technical problems delayed its opening for more than a year. From what i've been told originally the ride was supposed to have some lifts and falls
but for various reasons it didn't worked well and the system was provoking floods, so they had to totally re-design the whole attraction.

On this new version of the flume ride there is no lifts or falls and it's true that we're missing it. That said the ride is unique to USS and although some don't like it or think it's lame i can't say that i don't like it at all. Apparently the ride storyline follows the story of the
original Madagascar movie and the ride itself use a mix of audio-animatronics and projections effects. It's a curious ride, it's difficult
to say that it's extremely good but it's not bad either. Something is missing to make it a truly magical ride even if you can feel that
the guys of Universal Creative did their best.

Anyway, here is a brand new full ride-front seat and full HD video. The video is in real full HD so make sure you choose to watch it
in 1080p definition! As soon as the video begin click on the little wheel on the bottom right and choose to watch it in 1080p. !
Because the ride is sometime dark you might have some video "noise" if you watch it full screen, but not that much.
So, all aboard, enjoy the ride, and once you're done CLICK HERE to come back to Disney and more home page!

Picture and Video: copyright Disney and more

2 commentaires:

  1. Wow. Thanks for sharing. This makes me want to go to the Singapore resort even more. The place just looks so different to all the other Universal parks and it looks like they've put so much effort into all of the attractions.

  2. Lame ride. They'll never add it to their US parks.